Tips to be a Good Real Estate Agent

Most of the people think of becoming a real estate agent as it is very easy and anybody can do it. But becoming a successful agent is not just about passing the license test. Many people have failed in the initial years as they did not have any budget or business plan. An outstanding real estate agent is like a conductor, managing a group of resources towards a final goal, which in this case is the sale of the house. Here are some tips for you to be a good real estate agent.


Communication is the most important factor that makes you a good real estate agent. Real estate market is very time sensitive, you need to let your client know whenever there is a good deal for them. A good agent stays in the constant contact with their clients. There is a chance that the information an agent think is not important might be significant to those who are new to the real estate game. So an agent should discuss all the information and processes with their clients.


A good agent actively calls potential buyers, communicates with existing customers and is constantly chasing new leads. The main aim of being proactive is keeping the client well informed. In case your customers keep calling you, you are providing enough information to them.

Listen to your Clients

Another good quality of good real estate agent is that they should be asking all the questions. You should let your customers do most of the talking. You have to make sure that you understand all the special needs of your clients.

Client Motivated

A good agent will also have their customers’ needs as their top priority. In simple words, if a customer gets a good deal then agents gets a good deal. A good agent always ensures their clients are happy and satisfied.

Adapt to the Client’s Needs

There are different ways to contact your real estate agent, some prefer emails, text messages or phone calls. A good agent should figure out the client’s preferred way of communication so they don’t feel ignored by the silence.

Be Aware of Clients Time Frame

A top quality of good real estate agent is that the agent should be able to work on a tighter time frame. In case your client in a hurry to sell the house then the agent should suggest the best option in lesser time. On the other hand, if your client is not in a hurry then you should advise the client to wait for a better deal.

Know your Customers Selling Motivation

The real estate agent should always know why their client is selling and if they have any sentimental attachment or not. This helps the agent to adapt accordingly.

Give References

The best way to get an agent is through reference. The good real estate agent will be able to provide you with a positive reference from past clients. The list should not be selected but literally, consist of the last 20 clients.

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Posted by Nelson Takle